Everton America is a premier youth soccer club based in Norwalk CT. Our club offers expert soccer coaching for boys and girls from 6 to 18 years. Everton America is the exclusive U.S. affiliate of Everton Football Club of the English Premier League.


Questions to Ask After the Visit

You will have to ask yourself several important questions after you have visited your schools in order to decide ultimately on the right school. These questions will provide a good start. Take the time to think about your answers and be sure to talk to the college counselor, your soccer coach/EACT College Liaison, and your parents about answers that may be difficult for you. Remember that you want the right athletic and academic experience, so all these questions are important.

1. Are there any negative perceptions about these schools from others??

2. How honest were they about your role within the program, how involved would you be?

3. Academically speaking, how high up your list is this school

4. Do the players and coaches seem to have a good relationship?

5. How good do you feel yo uare compared to current players

6. Academically, is the schoo la good fit?

6. How approachable were the coaches?

7. Were the coaches interested in academics? More specifically, were they interested in YOUR academics?

8. If a coach left, would you be happy to remain with the program?

10. Does the school satisfy all the requirements that I identified earlier with my parents and counselor? If so to what level....and if not, where?