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 NCAA D1-D3 Recruiting Rules and Regulations
The following information is provided to help you through the recruiting process and answer questions that you may have concerning College Soccer Recruiting rules and regulations. If you have any further questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact

Phone Calls

 Coaches may call you or your family members once in March and then again starting on or after July 1 following your junior year in high school. After July 1, a college coach is limited to one telephone call per week to you or your family. Unlimited calls are permitted during the five days immediately preceding your official visit by the college you will be visiting; on the day of a coach's off-campus contact with you by that coach; during the National Letter of Intent signing date in your sport through the two days after the signing date.
You or your parents may call a coach at your own expense as often as you wish. Coaches also may accept collect calls from you on or after July 1 after completion of your junior year.  Please note that if you call a coach prior to the July 1 date and leave a message, the coach is not permitted to return your call until July 1.  In these instances, please feel free to leave a message and call back at a later time.

Written Correspondence

 The following printed materials may be provided to you on or after September 1 of your junior year in high school:
  • Official academic, admissions and student services publications and videotapes published by the college;
  • General correspondence, including letters and college note cards (attachments to correspondence may include materials printed on plain white paper with black ink.);
  • A media guide or recruiting brochure (but not both) in each sport;
  • Any necessary preenrollment information about orientation, conditioning, academics, practice activities, as long as you have signed a National Letter of Intent or have been accepted for enrollment;
  • One wallet-size playing schedule card in each sport.
If you visit the recruiting school’s campus the following items may be provided to you:
  • Game programs
  • One student-athlete departmental handbook.
A Division I college may provide you a questionnaire, camp brochure and educational information published by the NCAA at any time.

Evaluations and Contacts

 An evaluation is an off-campus activity designed to assess the athletic ability or academic qualifications of a prospect, including any visit to a prospects educational institution or, for example, a soccer tournament.  A contact is any face-to-face meeting that is prearranged or that occurs at your high school or a competition/practice site
A college coach may contact you in person off the college campus only on or after July 1 after completion of your junior year. Any face-to-face meeting between a college coach and you or your parents, during which you say more than "hello," is a contact.  Each school is limited to 7 recruiting opportunities (contacts and evaluations combined) per prospect and not more than 3 of these opportunities can be in-person, off-campus contacts.  The evaluation of each contest in a soccer tournament held during the academic year shall count as one evaluation as long as the tournament occurs on consecutive days.


 You may not try out for a D1 college's athletics team. A tryout is any physical activity (e.g., practice session or test) conducted by or arranged on behalf of the college, at which you display your athletics ability.  It is permissible for you to participate in recreational activities during a visit to our campus provided these activities are not organized or observed by the college’s coaching staff and the activities are not designed to test your athletic abilities.

Campus Visits

 You may visit campus at your own expense at any time. Coaches may meet with you during your visit, provided it is not during a dead period (see definition below). A visit for which you pay all of your own expenses is an unofficial visit. On an unofficial visit you may receive three complimentary admissions to a game on that campus and a tour of off-campus practice and competition sites in your sport and other college facilities within 30 miles of the campus. During your senior year, you can have one expense-paid (official) visit to a particular campus. You may receive no more than five such visits. This restriction applies even if you are being recruited in more than one sport. You can't have an official visit unless you have given the college your high-school (or college) academic transcript and a score from a PSAT, an SAT, a PACT Plus or an ACT taken on a national test date under national testing conditions. Your academic transcript may be a photocopy of your official high-school (or college) transcript. [Note: In this instance, the Division I school may use the services of the Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse to validate your credentials.]
During your official visit (which may not exceed 48 hours), you may receive round-trip transportation between your home (or high school) and the campus, and you (and your parents) may receive meals, lodging and complimentary admissions to campus athletics events. A coach may only accompany you on your official visit when the transportation occurs by automobile and all transportation occurs within the 48-hour period. Meals provided to you (and/or your parents) on an official visit may be provided either on or off the institution's campus.
The complimentary admissions you receive may provide you seating only in the facility's general seating area. You may not be given special seating (e.g., press box, bench area). In addition, a student host may help you (and your family) become acquainted with campus life. The host may spend $30 per day to cover all costs of entertaining you (and your parents, legal guardians or spouse); however, the money can't be used to purchase souvenirs such as T-shirts or other college mementos. Additionally, during a campus visit, the school may provide you with a student-athlete handbook.
Please note that 'extra benefits' are absolutely forbidden....an extra benefit is any benefit not available to prospective students in general. You lose your eligibility for intercollegiate athletics if any staff member or booster offers you, your relatives, or your friends any financial aid or other extra benefits not permitted by NCAA legislation.
Additional information may be obtained by contacting an NCAA member institution or by contacting the NCAA at (913) 339-1906 or the NCAA Online

NCAA Rules and Regulations for D2 and D3 Colleges

NCAA recruiting rules are different for division I, division II, and division III colleges and universities. Division I is especially strict with when, how, and how often you contact college coaches. It is very important to know each of these rules while going through the recruiting process. The NCAA is not forgiving in the least bit when it comes to not following the rules they have given to college coaches, recruiters, and college bound student athletes.

If you are planning on going to a Division II or III college, read each of the rules below regarding contacting coaches. If you hope to be recruited by a Division I school, you should be sure to look up the rules for Sophmore, Junior and Senior Students in the NCAA College Recruiting guide or ask your EACT College Liaison.
Division 2 Recruiting Rules
  • A coach may begin sending printed recruiting materials beginning Sept. 1 of your junior year.
  • You may make calls to coaches at your expense. Beginning June 15 after your junior year, a coach may call you once a week.
  • A coach may contact you or your parents/legal guardians off-campus beginning June 15 after your junior year. A coach is limited to three in-person off-campus visits.
  • You may make an unlimited number of unofficial visits at any time.
  • You may begin making official visits once classes start your senior year. You can make up to five official visits total, and are allowed only one official visit per college.
Division 3 Recruiting Rules
  • You may receive printed material at any time.
  • You may make calls at your own expense and there is no limit to the number of calls a coach can make or when they can happen.
  • A coach may contact you or your parents/legal guardians beginning after your junior year.
  • You may make an unlimited number of unofficial visits at any time.
  • You may make official visits once the first day of classes begins of your senior year. You can make only one official visit per college.