Everton America is a premier youth soccer club based in Norwalk CT. Our club offers expert soccer coaching for boys and girls from 6 to 18 years. Everton America is the exclusive U.S. affiliate of Everton Football Club of the English Premier League.


Where do I go to register?

Both new and existing players are asked to register at the tryout registration page which is here. New players have three options to be seen. 1) At open sessions 2) Attend free clinics 3) Attend tryouts starting May 28th.


What will be included in the tuition fee? 

All team offerings are provided on our tryout page which is here. There are no hidden costs for additional mandatory tournaments or training.


I'm an existing player. Do I still need to register?

Existing players should read our Existing player page. Some pre-tryout offers are being made. Existing players are asked to register regardless if they are looking to play again next year.


I'm a new player that has registered for open sessions. What happens next?

Tom Robinson will be in touch to arrange the appropriate session to join. Players are given two chances to train and a coach makes a decision based on what they see. The decision will be a) Top player that will enhance our top team and an offer will be made. b) The player, although not ready for the top team, shows signs of promise and can positively benefit a team either tactically or socially. In this case, a pool offer will be given c) We are unsure and that player will be asked to attend tryouts after Memorial Weekend.


If there are two teams per age group, will my son or daughter be given the opportunity to move up if they are on the second team?

This coming year will see both top and second teams being provided the same amount of practices. One of which will be in a combined setting in which the coaches will be able to compare players. There are often movements and opportunities for second-team players to have an opportunity to play on the top team on a weekly basis based on performances at their own games and throughout practices. This may become permanent a roster spot opens up. ( Long term injury, a player moves away or if we have purposely left a spot open for a talented player ) 


What is NPL?

The National Premier League status is only given to a number of clubs that have an established track record of providing good players and have a stable club-wide program. The NPL provides a great platform for Regional Soccer by linking player development and identification platforms. Players on the NPL teams are required to make soccer their main sport and commit to the training and games provided. The NPL teams are our top teams. 


What is the EDP League?

This coming fall, we are moving our second-tier teams to the EDP league. The new acceptance into the EDP league is a real positive for the club. As well as other benefits, it ensures that teams currently playing in the CCSL League at the boys level will no longer play against teams who have the sole purpose of winning at all costs. The EDP league is a closed league who will only accept teams with strong club culture, with coaches focused on the development of players.


Will you be filling all spots immediately after tryouts?

No. In most cases, we will have at least one spot open per team for new players that impress during camps or for pool players that have accepted that impress us over the summer. It will often be the case that we fill the second team and move a player up in the summer. Our summer offerings can be found here - http://evertonamericact.com/Page.asp?n=140069&org=T.EVERTONAMERICACT.COM


What kind of player are you looking for?

We will be committing to players that show great work ethic, arrive on time, and represent the club in the right way, including wearing the correct uniform. Players that disrupt the learning environment with negative behaviors or bad attitudes will not be offered places. Parents that do not represent us in the correct way affect their son or daughter's eligibility. It is not fair that a small proportion takes up the majority of coach and admin’s time away from the team and the club as a whole.


What ages will you be taking teams next year?

At the boys level, we will start at U7 with our 2013 team

At the girls level, we will start at U9 with our 2011 team

High School Boys will have teams from 2005 to 2001- Register here for High School Boys

High School Girls will have 2005 & 2004 Girls


For further questions, please contact our Director of Coaching, Tom Robinson at