Everton America is a premier youth soccer club based in Norwalk CT. Our club offers expert soccer coaching for boys and girls from 6 to 18 years. Everton America is the exclusive U.S. affiliate of Everton Football Club of the English Premier League.



Refereeing for Everton America 

Everton America welcomes new referees to officiate its league games. 

If you are a qualified referee and would like to be assigned, please email  and you will be put in contact with the league assignor.

If you are an Everton America player aged 12 or older and interested in becoming a referee, please read through the FAQ below. (Links in green go to a different website).


How do I become a qualified referee? Go to the Connecticut State Referee Program website: www.ctreferee.net and find all the detailed instructions there. In brief: the entry level referee course (grade 8) costs $84.95 and involves a series of online learning modules and tests and finally a field session. The current training period for 2015 is now closed and registration reopens 1/15/2016 (through 3/31/2016). 

Is the CSRP website easy to use? Not particularly. This page is a good starting point, then see this PDF for more detailed instructions. For help, email . Judy Whelan, the Executive Director of the CSRP, is usually quick to respond.

How old do I have to be to ref? To train to be a qualified ref you have to be 13 by 6/30/2016.

I am 13 and qualified yellowshirt. Can I ref a U12 game? No. Typically you need to be two age groups older than the teams you are officiating.

I am not qualified. Can I still ref a game? For Everton America friendlies and U8 games you do not have to be a qualified ref but you do have to know the rules of the game. The club encourages all refs to get qualified and recertify every year.

Where do I find the rules of the game? The full FIFA laws can be found here

How much do referees get paid? Pay rates depend on the league and the age group. ARs typically earn a minimum of $25 per game (at the premier level). CRs earn typically $30-$60 per game.

Do I need to submit a W9 to Everton America to get paid? Yes. Find a W9 form here

I am a qualifed ref. How do I get assignments?  For league assignments, go to the CSRP's Central Assign website and updated your profile and availability. Otherwise email .

What do I need to buy to ref? If you are a qualified ref you will need the official gear (jersey, shorts, socks). Some websites e.g. onesoccerstore.com, sell reasonably priced referee starter kits which include whistles, flags, notebook red/yellow cards etc. Soccer Post (Fairfield) and Soccer & Rugby (various locations) sell referee gear. If you are not qualified, and reffing a U8 or friendly game for Everton America, you are required to wear a black, t-shirt, black shorts and black socks (no club insignia). 

Are there special rules for U8 and U9 games? Yes. The detailed rules can be found on the Connecticut Club Soccer League website. An abbreviated version can be found here

How can I sign up for Everton America U8 games and friendlies? Go to Everton America's SignUpGenius page and see what assignments are available.

I am a new ref. Do you have advice? Look at this short guide. And, importantly, when you're at soccer games watch the refs, not just the players. You will learn by watching (and doing). 

I have a different question. Please email referees@evertonamericact.com

For an interesting and entertaining glimpse into the high-pressure world of refereeing in the English Premier League, watch this 40-minute NBC Sports show.